Farm House

An extravagant residence inspired by the country mansions of the Danish nobility

The Farm House project comprises of 3 units – a main house and two additional barns, making use of family, personal and business purpose spaces. It is influenced by the design of the country mansions of the nobility in Denmark and combined with Scandinavian and Shaker inspired interior design. The layout is balanced and well-proportioned, with an imposing entrance hall that spreads on two floors. The kitchen and the dining place are in the middle of the house, followed by two symmetrical living rooms on the sides – one for the children and one for the parents, and private bedrooms and bathrooms – for the children on one side and for the parents on the other side. The whole interior set up with lofty ceilings, lots of marble and golden touches inspire grandeur and sophistication. We have worked in close collaboration with the client, who is an interior designer himself and did our best to resemble his design concept as detailed as possible.

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